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WHISNews21 Online News for October 2014 WET TV



WHISNews21 International Online News TV October 2014  S01E01 – WET TV

WHISNews21 is a monthly online news program featuring mostly Independent Music Artists news plus general news of the day. The news presenters featured in Episode 1 are Keith Bradford, Marty Martel, Cathy and Frans Maritz, plus independent spots by Laura Dodd and James Marvell. This episode also includes tributes to George Jones, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and Roy Acuff. The following artists have also been included with an article or a picture or two, Laura Dodd, Walt Peters, James Marvell, Barbara Blevins, Clyde R. Birkla, Keith Bradford, Joel Smoker, Allen Karl, Mike Bradford, Beth Roose, Jerry Mack, Dean Leach, Donna Cunningham. JK Coltrain, Hermann Lammers Meyer, JC Hyke, Johnathan East, Doug Briney, Jill Rogoff, Marty Martel, Julie Richardson, Mary Jade, Talisha, Wayne Jacobs, Tattoo Billy, Tall Timber, Ed Dailey, Nicky Dee, Delon, and Dan Schafer. WHISNews21 is an original Wildhorse Entertainment production by Frans Maritz for WET TV.




  1. Frans, thanks for getting my true feelings on the outlaw movements in your amazing TV segment. It’s what I truly believe no matter what else has been written or said in other articles! Waylon, Willie, Coe and such legends deserve ‘First credit’ though The Country Cavaleers were ahead of their time. It’s important that this respectful look stays ingrained in country music forever!

  2. WHISNews21 says:

    I agree with you 100% James, and thanks for stopping by I hope you got your popcorn on the way in (lol)

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