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Forty Six Wild Cats And A Balalaika – WET TV



Forty Six Wild Cats And A Balalaika – WET TV

The world is very grand. Especially these wild cats. Sit back, listen, and fall in love all over again. Rocco’s Wings, a middle grade novel, will be available from Amazon in October 2014. To see more of Bark & Howl click our website, up in the banner.




  1. Hello again, Bark & Howl Press has no objection to the use of our videos as a direct feed from the Bark & Howl Press YouTube channel. Thank you. Management, Bark & Howl Press.

    • WHISNews21 says:

      Rebecca whenever I place a video for viewing on WET TV I have to add an article on WHISNews21 to inform the viewers that there is a new video to watch. That article needs to have a picture attached to it to encourage the viewers to go and view the video, that is why I add a picture. Without a picture the video creates no interest and the readers will not bother clicking on the link to view the video. There is and has been no intention to capitalize on the pictures from your video, it was only used to promote your video, nothing more and nothing less. All the videos that I have lined up till the end of August also have a picture from the videos attached. Please let me know if you are OK with that as if you are not, I will regretfully have to delete all that programming.

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