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The Likileakes Show #003 WET TV



The Likileakes Show #003 On WET TV

[This is another original WET TV program]

Wildhorse Entertainment presents another Original Video Production on WET TV. This Likileakes Show is the third in this series of shows sponsored by Independent Artists. Dan Schafer opens up the show with a special tribute song written by Barbara Blevins, Clyde Birkla and Keith Bradford called “Ray Price And His Crazy Arms” Then the award winning “Rodeo Girls Linedance group” dances one of their special linedances to Wildhorse’ “Oklahoma Girl” written by Frans Maritz. “She’ll Tear Your Heart Out” written by Barbara Blevins, Clyde Birkla, Keith Bradford and sung By Dan Schafer is next. Then “A Moment In Time” sung by Keith Bradford, written by Doris E. Hays, moves us right into another linedance hit, a song written and sung by Rose Angelica “Girls Just Want To Drink Beer”. As the shows nears it’s end Tall Timer, performs their “Double Doze Of Stupid” and finally Keith Bradford sings a Roberta Miller and Roger Glenn Miller song called “I Am In Love’ to end this Likileake Show. Wildhorse Entertainment thank, Barbara Blevins, Clyde Birkla, Keith Bradford, Doris E. Hays, Roberta Miller, Roger Glenn Miller, T-Bill and Suzie Sterling and Rose Angelica for sponsoring this show. This is another original WET TV program


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  1. lientjie says:

    Hi Frans and Keith, enjoyed your show 110% awesome, Great Artist, Funny, very enjoyable , thanks for featuring the Rodeo Girls / Rodeo Linedancers on your show. May you go from strengh to strengh ….

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