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The Likileakes Show #001Debutes On WET TV



The Likileakes Show #001Debutes On WET TV

Wildhorse Entertainment’s WET TV, and The Nashville Broadcasting Network NBN TV, are proud to bring you another original show produced for WET TV. The Likileakes show is a sponsored TV program and will be produced once a month or as funds are available for the production. Over the past few months there has been a growing number of requests to produce this show and that is why with the help of Barbara Blevins of the Three B’s we have managed to give birth to this the first episode in a series of co-sponsored TV shows. This episode will feature the songwriting talents of the Three B’s, Barbara Blevins, Clyde Birkla and Keith Bradford. It is a very down to earth , maybe even stupid or silly show yet discussing serious everyday topics which normally are only spoken about behind closed doors. We hope you all enjoy this show and for those of you who would want to help keep this show on the road, or even have your own songs featured on a show you can contact either Keith Bradford the host of this show at kmarecords@aol.com or Frans Maritz the other one on the show at whisnews21@aol.com. Ooops…we misquoted something in our show and I thought no one was listening, but our viewers are way smarter than we are, here is the mistake we made…..We said the Copyright royalties for White Christmas (written by Irving Berlin) was given to the Boy Scouts of America.  That is in fact, as you all pointed out, not correct.  The song that he donated all the royalties to that he wrote, is called, “God Bless America.”


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  1. Keith Bradford says:

    Sorry about the wrong information concerning WHITE CHRISTMAS and the Boy Scouts of America. I try to keep all content of the Likileakes as factual as I can find but this one slipped through the cracks.

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