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Laura Dodd’s Video Jukebox #001 – WET TV


Synopsis for Laura Dodd’s Video Jukebox Show #001 WET TV

WET TV is proud to announce that we will be featuring the very popular Nashville Broadcasting Networks, “Video Jukebox” hosted by Laura Dodd from NASHVILLE. This is part 1 of 2 parts featuring Lynn Anderson and Casey Anderson. It was taped at Casey’s home just outside of Nashville, TN. Casey Anderson is Lynn’s father and was married to singer song writer Liz Anderson. Liz wrote, “From Now On All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers,” which Merle Haggard recorded. Merle named his band The Strangers as a result of his hit with that song. Video’s shown include the Lynn Anderson classic, “Rose Garden.” and Merle Haggard’ and the Strangers with ” The fugitive”



  1. Can’t wait to see Part 2 of this interview. Great job to all concerned.

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