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The Latest VideoPix Show #003 WET TV


Synopsis for The VideoPix Show #003 Published on 30 Aug 2013

This VideoPixShow features several video’s produced in the VideoPix style by Wildhorse Entertainment. The show starts with Kris Gordon singing a Three B’s songs called 18 Wheelers. Don Goodman, Mark Sherrill , Claude Hendricks and Bill Lancaster wrote the next song sung by Cheryl K.Warner called “The Auction”. Cliff Walton now sings “I’m Computer Junkie” written by Clyde Birkla, Barbara Blevins and Keith Bradford. Before the break we listen to Judy Welden with a song written by herself and Rhonnie Scheuerman, called “Let’s Make America Great Again”. Keith Bradford next with “You Drive Me Up The Wall, written by the Three B’s. A Cristy Lane Tribute is next sung by Dean Leach written by the Three B’s.  Next is a song written by David Wood and Lacy J. Dalton and it’s called “Beer Drinking Song” and sung by David Wood. The Millers are the songwriters of the next song performed by Dana Jordan called “What If” Hope you enjoy this Videopix Show I will be back soon with another show produced in the style of Wildhorse Entertainments Videopix format. Frans Maritz hosts this show from South Africa on the Nashville Broadcast Network out of Nashville Tennessee. The VideoPixShow is a Nashville Broadcast Network NBN TV and Wildhorse Entertainment production


  1. The shows just keep getting better and better. Really enjoy the pics from South Africa also.

  2. judywelden says:

    This is a very exciting show. I enjoyed all the songs and am very grateful my song, LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman, was included. The show is very well-done and it’s great to be a part of Wet TV! Judy Welden

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