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Behind The Dream Season #001 WET TV



Marty Raybon Behind The Dream Season 1 Episode 1 Bluegrass Music Show WET TV

Bluegrass Music Show: Marty Raybon was the lead singer for Shenandoah and now has his Christian Album out Hand To The Plow. Some of the best Christian Songs & Christian Music for the Family.”Rural Rhythm Records is proud to launch our new Behind The Dream series on BlueHighways TV,” Sam Passamano, President, Rural Rhythm Records. “Our artists will be able to share with the viewers their new recordings in a words & music format that will give insight to their goals, inspiration and, of course, dreams for their album. We want to thank the good folks at BlueHighways TV for giving our artists the wonderful opportunity to present their music in their own words & music.””Behind The Dream is a great example of how BlueHighways TV is expanding its roots music programming to feature artist-created and focused series,” said Stan Hitchcock, Chairman and CEO of BlueHighways TV. “Behind the Dream gives an up close and personal look at the top bluegrass stars and legends of today, and we are pleased to partner with Rural Rhythm Records to be able to bring this series to our viewers.”Behind The Dream is hosted by Mike Scott and takes viewers into the recording studio with some of the biggest names of bluegrass music. In addition to Marty Raybon, future installments will feature bluegrass artists Carrie Hassler, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Lonesome River Band, and Bobby Osborne. Each episode focuses on the motivations behind the music and delves into the personal inspiration of each artist as they record their latest CD.



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